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Reckoner is supported on a variety of platforms. The technology it is build on (Flutter) can support web, mobile (iOS and Android), and desktop (Linux, Windows, Mac OS). Currently Reckoner supports Android, Linux, and web. Windows support is planned for a later release. For the other platforms, the web platform is a good stopgap. With that said, there are gaps for what each platform supports locally due to technical limitations. The table below highlights the differences between platforms. if not noted on the table, the capabilities are the same.

Platform Database Encryption Database Import/Export Biometric Unlock Relative Speed
Android ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported 🚀 Fast
Linux ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ❌ Not Supported 🚀 Fast
Web ❌ Not Supported ❌ Not Supported ❌ Not Supported 🐢 Slower

Given the across the board limitations, I recommend that you use a platform besides web. If you're on an unsupported platform, then web is the only way to use Reckoner.

How to Install

Currently the best way to install Reckoner for Android and Linux is through the releases page. Other applications stores are being worked on to allow more seamless distribution on the supported platforms.


Either self-host the web contents yourself or go to the official PWA website. To install Progress Web Apps (PWA) using the instructions provided by Mozilla.