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Reckoner User Guide

Reckoner is a local-first, encrypted, personal financial tracker that provides radical flexibility. That's a lot of words, but let's break down each of these points and describe in plain english what is meant.

  • Local-First: Reckoner does not (by default) store any data in a cloud or require any service to be used. The data is always saved locally on each device. The only way for people to access your data is to steal your device. Even then your data is protected since it is...
  • Encrypted: Reckoner encrypts your data using the current state of the art AES encryption. This is true on all platforms except the web application. This is a limitation of the web platform and if using it, I recommend making sure the device is secure with other means.
  • Personal Financial Tracker: Put simply, this app is for tracking finances of individual or a family. The application has several built in reports and functionality to support this use.
  • Radical Flexibility: Reckoner does not hard code in a budget section or a fixed set of reports. Instead Reckoner allows you to build one or more category groups and attach budgets to them to create one (or more) budgets. Similarly, report groups are used to display reports.