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Reports and Report Groups

Report Groups

Report Group Page Report Group Page

Report Groups enable you to group reports together to display information you want at-a-glance. Reports in report groups automatically scale according to the device they are displayed on. At a minimum, two rows of reports are displayed on a device. The size of the reports is determined when creating the report group (see options).

Editing Report Groups

Report Group Edit Page Report Group Edit Page

Editing a report group allow you to add reports and report rows. Report groups can have as many rows as you desire, but only allow for three reports per row. This is chosen due to the various aspect ratios setup for reports. Currently line and bar reports require a aspect ratio of 2:1, or about twice as wide as it is tall, while pie charts have a 1:1 aspect ratio.

In a wide screen view, it is possible for all reports to be displayed horizontally. On mobile platforms, it is likely that only one report can be displayed on a row. In that case, the row will be wrapped and the reports will be displayed in their own row. You can see this in action by viewing the demo website from both your phone and a computer.